War of the Monarch pre-release events will be running in local game stores world wide July 7-9.

The gameplay part of pre-release weekend will feature Monarch booster draft, giving players a chance to draft this iconic set as part of an organized play program for the first time in most countries, due to the covid restrictions that prevented the Monarch limited season from running in all countries other than New Zealand and Taiwan upon its original release in May 2021.

Dusk till Dawn preview season will feature key moments from the War of the Monarch story so far, then plunge us into a critical 12 hour period between dusk falling and the break of dawn, that may prove pivotal to deciding the outcome of this epic conflict.

War of the Monarch pre-release weekend will be a great opportunity for fans new and old alike to revisit and immerse themselves into the central story arc of Flesh of Blood that has been unfolding over the past 2 years.

Prize Kits

Each War of the Monarch pre-release kit contains materials to support four 8 person draft pods, with all players receiving an Extended Art Rainbow Foil Herald of Ravages, and the winner of each pod receiving a Cold Foil Prism, Advent of Thrones, or Vynnset hero card. If a store runs less than 4 pods, the additional Cold Foil hero cards must be given away as a door prize (to someone who has not already received a Cold Foil prize card).

Dusk till Dawn booster packs are available for stores to purchase and distribute as prize packs at their discretion.



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