Invited to a prestigious storytelling festival in Highhelm, the greatest dwarven city, a clans eclectic guests explore every corner of the metropolis to build their own legends. Yet when these budding celebrities find a relic linked to one of dwarvenkinds greatest heroes, theyre drawn into a mysterious ancient urban intrigue that kicks off a deadly treasure hunt.Mantle of Gold is a Pathfinder adventure for four 1st-level characters. This adventure begins the Sky Kings Tomb Adventure Path, a three-part monthly campaign in which a group of adventurers travel deep underground to discover a legendary dwarven kings tomb, seek subterranean treasures, and heal millennia-old injustices-all while stopping an ambitious villain from weaponizing those same discoveries. This adventure also includes a detailed look at lost dwarven treasures, tricks for adventuring in the dark, potent relics, and several monsters to threaten underground explorers.


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