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The Heart of Chentoufi is a D&D 5th edition tournament module for players of level 6 through 8. It is the second of 3 planned modules in Luke Gygax’s Okkorim setting! “The Oculus of Senrahbah is one of four ancient and powerful relics used centuries ago by the Ydrissid Empire used to grant them control over the four elements in a similar, but more powerful manner used by the Zenoks of Chentoufi today. As the Empire of Ydrissid crumbled, the artifacts were eventually lost and spread to the winds across Okkorim. The Oculus itself held sway over elemental water and was similarly powerful in magical divination. During the power struggle that preceded The Wrath, the device was in the possession of a powerful wizard whose name is lost in the mists of time, deep in the heart of the Ydrissid Empire. The mage lord fled from the destruction of The Wrath using the power of the Oculus of Senrahbah to shield him. In the tumultuous decades that followed, the power and glory of the once mighty Yrissid disappeared like water poured in the sands. The Oculus traded owners several times and its exact whereabouts were unknown until it was discovered by a group of ¬†Jhe‚Äôdhari cultists in the City of Chentoufi. The group refer to themselves as The Oracle of Natatorial Verisimilitude, or simply The Oracle, discovered this powerful artifact in the Kennat, or undercity, below Chentoufi…” Player Count 3+, Play Time 2+ Hours, Age Range 13+


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